VIDEO: Two Months on a Motorbike

Published November 2014 | Words and film by Vietnam Coracle


In September and October 2014 I made a road trip by motorbike through Vietnam. Travelling over 9,000km in 60 days and covering much of the nation, I documented my journey in words and photos as I went along in my Motorbike Diaries. But much of what I saw I also captured on film. I have edited the footage from my trip and put it together in the video below. The clips are arranged in the geographical order that I travelled during my two months on the road. The soundtrack – The Song Remains the Same, by Led Zeppelin – has been a source of motivation to me when travelling alone, ever since I started listening to it on my first solo trip abroad in my teens.

At six minutes long I realize that this film is longer than most people’s ‘YouTube attention spans’ will allow. But I hope that the beauty of Vietnam in these clips will hold your gaze for the full duration of the video. For best viewing watch in at least 480p quality and at the screen size I’ve embedded the video on this page. Alternatively (and for slightly smoother quality) you can view it at half screen on YouTube here. For those with high-speed internet connections this video can be viewed in full HD. Enjoy.


Two Months on a Motorbike in Vietnam


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15 Responses to VIDEO: Two Months on a Motorbike

  1. Antonin says:

    Hi Tom,

    Unfortunatly, video is blocked in France because of copyright content form WMG. (Obviously the Led Zeppelin song).

    Is there any other way I could get the to see the video ?
    I’m currently planning a 1 month long motorbike trip in Vietnam in April, and I’m sure this video could be of great help 🙂

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Tom – thanks for an awesome video. We are process of planning our trip to Vietnam and love the inspiration and information you provide.

  3. Brent says:

    Hey mate,

    Just watched your video really enjoyed it, not a fan of the song but its your video so personal choice!

    Great scenery, just reading your trip report now as I plan on doing something similar for 2-3 months so I might end up asking you for some advice in the future hope you don’t mind! 🙂

    • Hi Brent,

      Thanks. But you’ve gotta love Led Zeppelin 🙂

      Good to hear you’re planning a similar trip. I can’t think of any better way to see and experience Vietnam than a motorbike road trip – especially with plenty of time.

      Have a look through my Motorbike Guides Archives, and you’re welcome to email me if and when you want some more advice.


  4. Winnie says:

    Hi Tom,

    I ran across your website by looking through videos of VN. This website is awesome and so informative. Thank you so much for doing this. The sceneries are beautiful. Keep up the good work. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit some of the places you’ve been to when I’m there next year.

  5. Huy Nguyen says:

    Thanks for posting. Lots of scenery to see and condensing the countryside views was great.
    I am due in the Vietnam in about 8 months for 3+ weeks , not nearly long enough.

  6. Jim Ellis says:

    Tom,did you ever get a chance to stop by Vung Road Bay to see if that marble memorial. Or even pieces of it laying around. Thanks. Jim

    • Hi Jim,
      I did go past, but I didn’t find the memorial. Perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right place. There’s a memorial to the attack that you were on the receiving end of, so I doubt if any memorial from the ‘other side’ would be left standing.

  7. Les says:

    Hi there Tom: Awesome video. Wasn’t sure about it going hand in hand with Led Zeppelin. But in the end, I was rockin’! Seeing the country by video brings a whole new meaning and feeling to getting around – at least it does for me. Do you speak Vietnamese? Just wondering.

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