Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet

First published August 2016 | Words and photos by Vietnam Coracle


The Ocean Dunes Resort in Phan Thiet is perhaps the only hotel of which I can say that the prices have decreased since I first stayed here, several years ago. The quality of amenities and the standard of service, however, have remained as they always were: very good. Whenever I go to the strip of coastline between Phan Thiet City and Mui Ne Beach, I almost always choose to stay in the former, because it has much more local life and character than the latter. Depending on my budget, the purpose of my visit, and whom I’m travelling with, I either stay in a local guesthouse in town or on the beach at the Ocean Dunes. But, with rates as low as $40 a night for two people (including breakfast), in the last couple of years I’ve chosen to stay at the Ocean Dunes more often, even if I’m on a budget. With high-end amenities at mid-range prices, the Ocean Dunes is excellent value for money. [To check current rates, availability and make a reservation for Ocean Dunes Resort please BOOK HERE]

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Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet, VietnamGreat value: yours for $40 a night, the Ocean Dunes Resort offers high-end amenities at mid-range prices

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Address: 1 Ton Duc Thang Street, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province [MAP| Price: $40-$100 

Phone: (+84) 62 3822 393 | Website: www.oceandunesresort.com.vn

Check Rates & Availability:

The Ocean Dunes Resort is located just east of Phan Thiet’s attractive municipal beach and oceanfront park. Accessed via a long, private driveway, the main resort building is, at first sight, a bit of an eyesore; a purely functional design, resembling the giant holiday hotels on the Costa del Sol. But, although it might not look beautiful on the outside, it works extremely well on the inside. The entrance lobby, reception area, bar and restaurant on the ground floor are all open to the sea breeze, and all rooms have large balconies with either sea or garden views.

Exterior, Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet, VietnamBordering on abstract: the exterior of the Ocean Dunes is a bit of an eyesore, but inside it works well

In any case, the Ocean Dunes’ finest assets (apart from the room-rates) are its large, lush grounds, extensive amenities, and good stretch of beach. Between the resort building and the sea, there’s a wide, green and grassy area, shaded by tall casuarina trees. Hammocks swing between the branches, deck chairs dot the grass and beachfront, and there are two swimming pools. This outdoor space is great for kids: there’s lots of games and sports equipment available (for free) from the thatched hut by the pool – badminton, volleyball, football, tennis, water polo, floats, rubber rings, and more. It’s the kind of place where, as a kid, I would have happily spent 10 straight hours playing, while my parents could read a book and relax by the pool.

Swimming pools & garden, Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet, VietnamThe resort grounds: the Ocean Dunes has 2 pools, lots of green space & a good stretch of beach

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The beach is long and sandy, and the water tends to be calm and glassy in the mornings, but gets increasingly rough as the day progresses and the sea breezes pick up. Swimming is good, and hotel staff clean the beach every morning; an important job in a real fishing town like Phan Thiet, where fishing-related debris washes onto shore during the night. At dawn, you can see the coracles pulling in the nets and emptying their catch on the beach from your balcony; a quintessential Vietnamese coastal scene.

Beach at Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet, VietnamLong & sandy, the beach at Ocean Dunes is good for swimming in the mornings, but rough by afternoon

The beach bar is a tasteful combination of wood and thatch, with cushioned, wicker lounge chairs; perfect for the obligatory sunset cocktail. However, by dusk, it’s often too windy to be at the beach bar: the salt and sand covering all surfaces. But, in this case, just retire to the delightful, open-sided terrace bar by the pool, sheltered from the wind by tall trees.

Beach Bar at Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet, VietnamBeach bar: great for a sunset cocktail, but if it’s too windy there’s always the attractive terrace bar instead

The rooms – standard, superior and deluxe – are all softy and pleasantly furnished, albeit without much ‘style’. Beds are comfy, floors are carpeted, there are writing desks, armchairs and, in deluxe rooms, sofas too. But the best feature of the rooms is their balconies. Large, tiled, and with expansive views of the resort’s green grounds and the ocean beyond, many beach resorts would charge a lot more than $40 for this. Even the cheapest rooms, at the back of the hotel, have big balconies, from which you can take in the sunset. However, it should be noted that an enormous urban development project is now underway behind the Ocean Dunes, which seems likely to spoil the views from the cheaper rooms, and may also be noisy during the day.

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Balcony of sea-view room at Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet, VietnamSea view: all rooms have wide, deep balconies with excellent views of either the ocean or the gardens

The restaurant, which has inside and outside seating, has a good menu covering Vietnamese and Western dishes. The buffet breakfast (included in the room price) is a delicious spread of hot and cold food; from Vietnamese noodle soups to fresh baked pastries and bacon and eggs. The hotel has dozens of free bicycles available to guests. This is a great way to experience Phan Thiet City, which is just a 5 minute ride away. If you’re not used to negotiating Vietnam’s traffic, try to go around mid-afternoon to avoid the rush hour. Good places to ride include, the municipal beachfront park, the riverfront road (where hundreds of fishing boats moor and fresh seafood is sold at night), and Vo Thi Sau Street, where tasty street food can be found in the evenings. [To check current rates, availability and make a reservation for Ocean Dunes Resort please BOOK HERE]

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The pool at Ocean Dunes Resort, Phan Thiet, VietnamIn recent years, with rates as low as $40, the Ocean Dunes has become my go-to hotel in Phan Thiet

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  1. russ says:

    love your website mate. keep it up. you obviously travel a lot, buy where are you based exactly in VN?
    curious as I am researching now to move to VN, and visiting next money for 3 weeks to get a feel for the country
    cheers mate

    • Hi Russ,

      I live in Saigon, but I move around a lot for research etc. If you’re thinking about moving to Vietnam then it depends on what location you’re looking for. For example, Saigon is by far the biggest city and it’s very urban indeed and always hot. Hanoi is the second biggest city, it’s prettier than Saigon but it gets some real winter weather between November and February. Danang is a great city and it’s close to the beach and the mountains, but the expat community is still quite small there.

      I hope this helps,


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  6. Rob Winfield-Chislett says:

    Hi Tom,

    Decided to stay here last weekend after reading your blog…..and enjoyed our stay very much, so thank you.

    It appears that the hotel days are numbered though – maybe a year or two. A huge new development will eventually swallow it up.

    Best wishes,


  7. Nghe Tanguy says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for those precious informations! I allways read your blog with pleasure and you do a great job!

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