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A lush, peaceful, and unassuming place to stay on Phu Quoc Island, Thanh Kieu Resort has been my go-to accommodation for years whenever I stay on Long Beach (Bãi Trường). Unlike the brash, flash, upmarket resorts that are popping up on the island, Thanh Kieu Resort has a simple, honest charm to it. Despite the competition getting snazzier with each year, Thanh Kieu has remained a down-to-earth, modest yet extremely tasteful beach resort. Rather than try to reinvent itself as a plush or boutique-style resort, Thanh Kieu has made the most of its superb beach and extensive tropical gardens, by simply trying not to be too ‘clever’ with it. Prices have increased (as they have everywhere on the island) but room rates can still be as low as $35 a night during the shoulder season, while average high-season rates range from $50-$100. [To check current rates, availability & make a reservation for Thanh Kieu Beach Resort BOOK HERE]

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Thanh Kieu Resort, Phu Quoc IslandExcellent, mid-range, beachfront accommodation: Thanh Kieu Resort

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Address: 100C/14 Tran Hung Dao, Long Beach, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Vietnam [MAP]

Average Rates: $40-$100 per night |Email: [email protected]

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At the end of a small paved lane, two kilometres south of Duong Dong town, Thanh Kieu Resort opened in 2005. This prime plot of land was originally the owners’ family home. But, as Phu Quoc became more popular, they started to build simple brick and tile bungalows near the beach. Over the years it has grown into a resort, currently boasting over 40 bungalows amid gorgeous gardens, set a little back from their sublime stretch of sand (not to mention the new infinity pool). I’ve been visiting regularly since 2008 and I’ve seen it grow with each year. Despite the expansion and the ever increasing number of visitors, Thanh Kieu has managed to retain the laid-back, informal feel of a local, family-run resort. Staff, many of whom are from the owner’s family, are polite and friendly enough, but not ingratiating, as is so often the case with the over-trained staff at other resorts. Any rapport between guests and staff is likely to be genuine, not forced.

Thanh Kieu Resort, Phu Quoc IslandThanh Kieu’s modest red brick bungalows are surrounded by lush gardens of tropical foliage

Guest room, Thanh Kieu ResortSimple and elegant: a guest room at Thanh Kieu Resort

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Thanh Kieu is a low-key resort. Rather than building multi-storey structures and luxurious bungalows equipped with modern gadgets, Thanh Kieu has chosen to let their marvelous slice of island paradise do all the talking. The gardens are beautifully maintained, with stone-slab pathways leading between coconut and areca palms. Bamboo, bougainvillea and a host of exotic, colourful, aromatic plants and flowers grow throughout the grounds. In the mornings they are full of birdsong; during the day the leaves rustle in the sea breeze; in the evenings cicadas and frogs sing a nighttime chorus.

Abundant gardens, Thanh Kieu ResortTropical gardens and brick bungalows, Thanh Kieu Resort

The beach, shaded by tall coconut palms and tropical almond trees, is the most alluring section of sand and sea along the entire length of Long Beach. The fine sand and calm, blue, lapping waters of the Gulf of Thailand, is exactly what most visitors to Phu Quoc Island come looking for. Thanh Kieu’s beachfront is wide enough to accommodate all its guests without ever feeling crowded. Wooden loungers under palm-thatched parasols are generously spaced out under the swaying trees. The new and improved beach bar serves good Vietnamese dishes and average Western food, and is a great place for a cocktail or fruit juice while watching the sunset over the horizon.

The beach at Thanh Kieu ResortThe wide, shaded beach at Thanh Kieu Resort

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The newest addition to Thanh Kieu Resort is an infinity swimming pool, set amidst the gardens with views down onto the beach and out to sea. As with everything else at Thanh Kieu, the new swimming pool is tasteful and blends in with the rest of the resort: not too showy, not intrusive, surrounded by trees and shade, and big enough to swim laps.

The infinity swimming pool, Thanh Kieu Beach Resort, Phu Quoc Island, VietnamThe beautiful infinity swimming pool is the newest addition to Thanh Kieu’s property

Brick bungalows are simple, comfortable and elegant, with tiled floors and roofs, and large patios. Rooms are cosy and adequately equipped without any superfluous additions, such as TVs. The rooms are designed to be naturally ventilated, but there’s an electric ceiling fan to keep the air circulated on hot days and air-conditioning too. Attractive bathrooms are semi-open to the elements, allowing plenty of natural light in and, in some bathrooms, you’ll even have fruit falling from the trees

Brick bungalow, Thanh Kieu ResortA comfortable and cosy brick bungalow at Thanh Kieu Resort

One of the resort’s main strengths is genuine peace and quiet. Within the resort’s grounds, recorded music is never forced upon guests. This is a great relief in Vietnam, where noise pollution is often a problem, even in the smartest resorts. At Thanh Kieu the only sounds you hear are natural. Indeed, Thanh Kieu always feels calm and relaxed: even during the high season months, around Christmas and Lunar New Year, there’s no sense of it being crowded or busy. Breakfast (included in the room price) is served in a wonderful wooden house, raised on a stone platform, and surrounded by lush foliage. Outside dining in the cool morning air is a real treat (even though the breakfast itself is not particularly special).

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Breakfast at Thanh Kieu ResortBreakfast outside on the patio at Thanh Kieu Resort

In general, Thanh Kieu blends in with its natural surroundings, and works with nature rather than against it. The majority of building materials are sourced locally, as are most of the ingredients for food (a lot of the fruit at breakfast is fresh from the resort’s gardens). Water is heated by solar panels atop each bungalow, and, although there’s enough space for another row of seafront bungalows, they’ve left it as a grassy, shady, beach garden instead.

Breakfast patio, Thanh Kieu ResortLow-impact: building materials and food are locally sourced

Very occasionally, light fixtures can be a little dodgy and curtain rails a bit loose, but none of these could really be considered ‘inconveniences’, and, each time I return, these ‘issues’ have been addressed. Given the choice, Thanh Kieu Resort is always where I’d stay when visiting Long Beach on Phu Quoc Island. As with all accommodations on Phu Quoc, prices increase during the high-season (December-March), but whenever I’ve stayed at Thanh Kieu I’ve felt it to be good value for money. [To check current rates, availability & make a reservation for Thanh Kieu Beach Resort please BOOK HERE]

*Please support Vietnam Coracle: All my reviews are independently researched & financed. I never receive freebies of any sort in exchange for positive reviews or listings. If you use the links on this page to book your accommodation, I make a small commission (at no extra cost to you). All my earnings go straight back into this website. Thank you.

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Breakfast patio, Thanh Kieu ResortThe excellent beach at Thanh Kieu Resort never feels crowded, even when the resort is full

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