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The northeast is a bucolic corner of Vietnam: a garden of rice fields, forests, lakes, and rivers ambling through limestone corridors. Read my guide to the Northeast Loop HERE

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Starting on Vietnam’s Independence Day (2nd September), I embarked on a two month road trip on my trusty motorbike, Stavros. This was a journey of over 9,000km. Read more about it HERE

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Dalat is located in Lâm Đồng Province, a mountainous region that boasts lots of waterfalls. Many of the falls are truly spectacular, and some of them sport eerie abandoned tourist parks, making them feel like the animated movie, Spirited Away. Read my guide to the cascades HERE

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  1. Joanna says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for this amazing blog! We are in HCM and thanks to your trips we decided to go by bike to Phu Quocq island. I would like to ask you if you think it is ok to travel together on one bike, as we are a couple and I don’t drive? We have two backpacks of 9kg each but we can leave one in our hostel to smaller the weight. Do you think we can rent a strong scooter or the the manual motorbike is necessary? We would be grateful for any tips 🙂 Joanna and Eduardo.

    • Hi Joanna,

      Yes, you should be able to drive with 2 people and 1 backpack on your bike. An automatic or a manual should be fine. Try Tigit Motorbikes in HCM to see the range of bikes they have available (there’s a link to the Tigit website in the right sidebar and bottom of all my pages.)

      Also, for different route ideas for how to ride through the Mekong Delta, take a look at my guide to Mountains in the Mekong, which uses more back-roads.

      I hope this helps,


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