Island Broth: Bún Kèn

Last updated October 2019 | Words and photos by Vietnam Coracle

A Speciality of Phu Quoc, Bún Kèn is a Tropical Island in a Bowl:

Bún Kèn soup, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Bún kèn is a crunchy, fishy, fruity noodle soup that makes use of Phu Quoc’s abundant ingredients

What is Bún Kèn?

Part salad, part soup, bún kèn is a speciality of Phu Quoc Island, off Vietnam’s southwest coast. It’s a rich, fishy, crunchy, sweet and sour concoction, which makes use of the island’s abundant seafood and tropical fruit. The fish-based broth also has coconut juice and lemongrass, giving it a thicker consistency, amber colour, and distinctive tang. The broth is poured over bún (white rice noodles), on top of which go a variety of fresh herbs, pulverized fish, bean sprouts, and a crunchy mixture of shredded green papaya and cucumber. A little bit of fresh red chilli ties all these flavours together. The result is a tropical island in a bowl: vibrant colours, fruits from the jungle, fish from the ocean; at once hot and refreshing. Try bún kèn at Ms Ut Luon’s street stall: No.87 on 30/4 Street, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc Island [MAP] for 25,000VNĐ ($1) a bowl, served from 6-9am daily.

MAP: Bún Kèn | Ms Ut Luon’s Soup House | No.87 30/4 street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc

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Images of Bún Kèn, Phu Quoc Island:

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    Hi Tom! I just wanted to say HI and THANK YOU for sharing your experience with food in Vietnam. I am traveling for pleasure to Vietnam and Myanmar in October and stumbled onto your page during my food research. I’m very excited to use your website as a food guide and will gladly share with others too once my website is up and running. Once again, thank you for sharing your passion and love for Vietnam.

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