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Title Banners

Title Banners are the same shape and size as the title images that display all the content in my website’s categories and archives.

Sizes, Prices & Placement:

There is one size for Title Banners:

1:1$250 monthView 1 | View 2

Title Banners are shown on the third title image in every other row of my website’s categories and archives within your choice of one of the four main categories (subject to availability).

Choose which category is most relevant to your brand/business/product.

If you want your Title Banner to appear in two, three or four categories, you need to buy another banner for each category.

Title Banners have a maximum of just two advertisers per category.

DestinationsSee category
Motorbike GuidesSee category
Hotel ReviewsSee category
Food & DrinkSee category

Time Periods:

There are five time periods available for Title Banners:

Time PeriodDiscount
1 monthNone
3 monthsNone
6 months-5%
12 months-10%
24 months-20%

Banner Artwork Design:

We can design the banner artwork for you free of charge or you can design your banner yourself:

Designed for you: If you want us to design your banner, you can provide your input and thoughts prior to design, then one feedback session after our first draft. (Don’t worry: we want your banner to look as good as possible and we have years of experience designing banners.) Please bear in mind that some banner placements have specific design requirements and limitations.

Designed by you: If you want to design your own banner, please make sure you follow the correct aspect ratio for your chosen banner. In addition, there will be certain other parameters to follow. Some banner placements have specific design requirements that I will inform you of if/when necessary. Your banner artwork must be approved by me before going live on my website.


All advertisers on Vietnam Coracle must read and agree to my Advertising Contract. [View contract]

This is an email contract in which both parties agree to the terms of the advertising banner: duration, payment, placement, cancellation, etc. Both parties keep this email contract in their inbox as proof of agreement in case any issue should arise at a future date.


Full payment is made when you receive the first draft of your banner artwork and have signed my contract. After payment, we will design the final version of your banner and make it live on the website. (If you design your own banner artwork, full payment is made after agreeing to my contract.)

Once the advertising contract has been agreed and payment made, there can be no refund under any circumstances. There are no exceptions to this.

Payment options are:

PayPalUSD ($), GBP (₤)
StripeUSD ($), GBP (₤)
Direct Bank TransferGBP (₤)
CashVNĐ (đ), USD ($), GBP (₤), EUR (€)

Processing & Renewal:

When I receive payment and your banner design is complete, I will make your advertising banner live on my website and notify you immediately by email. Your banner’s time on my website will begin from the moment you receive this email.

A week before your banner expires, I will contact you about renewal. If no further payment is made by the time your banner expires, it will automatically be removed from my website.

*Please note:
All information on this page is non-negotiable: advertising banner costs, sizes, placements, time periods, contracts & payments are as above and there will be no exceptions.

If you have any further questions, email me at:

Thanks for reading,


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