Vietnam Coracle: Sample Contract

Sample Advertising Contract

{CLIENT NAME} agrees to advertise on according to the details and terms listed below:

Banner Details:

  • Banner Quantity: {To Be Decided}
  • Banner Type & Size: {TBD}
  • Banner Placement: {TBD}
  • Banner Price: {TBD}
  • Banner Duration: {TBD}
  • Start/End Date: {TBD}
  • Banner URL Link: {TBD}
  • Total Cost: {TBD}
  • Payment Method: {TBD}
  • Payment Currency: {TBD}


Full payment must be made in advance of the start date of your banner and the artwork design for your banner. Your banner will not be live on my website until I receive full payment for the duration of your banner.

Payment is by PayPal, Stripe, Direct Bank Transfer or Cash in the currency agreed. If payment is by any other method, the currency and exchange rate will be agreed upon by both parties prior to payment.

Prices do not include any service fees that your bank or PayPal or Stripe may charge for using their services.


Once the contract is agreed and payment is made, there will be no refund for the cancellation of your banner. If you wish to cancel your banner at any point, you may do so, but there will be no repayment under any circumstances.

Start, Expiration & Renewal of Banners:

After the contract is agreed, full payment is made, and your banner design is complete, I will notify you by email as soon as your banner is live on my website.

A week before the end of your banner’s term on my site, I will notify you by email. If you wish to renew your banner, you may do so, and I will send you a new advertising agreement.

If I do not receive a reply from you regarding your banner’s renewal, your banner will be automatically removed from my website on the day of expiration and your banner space will be for sale to other clients.

Price Changes:

The banner price laid out in this agreement is guaranteed for the duration of your advertising term. Periodically, I will adjust my banner prices according to the performance of my website. If/when any price changes occur, I will notify you in advance.


This agreement is solely for advertising: Vietnam Coracle’s only responsibility is to promote {CLIENT NAME’S} products or services through the placement of {CLIENT NAME’S} advertisement at agreed dimensions in agreed positions on Vietnam Coracle is under no obligation to promote or write positively about {CLIENT NAME’S} products or services.

{CLIENT NAME} agrees that there will be no financial compensation based on the performance of {CLIENT NAME’S} advertisment on

{CLIENT NAME} agrees that, should any dispute arise concerning {CLIENT NAME’S} advertisement on, this email contract is binding and proof of agreement between {CLIENT NAME} and Vietnam Coracle.

{CLIENT NAME} assumes all risk and agrees to hold harmless for any and all suits, claims, liabilities of any kind, and damages that might arise from this advertisement.

{CLIENT NAME} agrees that, in the absence of {CLIENT NAME’S} signature, {CLIENT NAME’S} affirmative response to this email contract will be considered confirmation of adherence to all details of above agreement.

I, Tom Divers, owner of, agree to honour all the details laid out in this advertising contract.

Date: {DAY} / {MONTH} / {YEAR}