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There are three types of advertising on Vietnam Coracle:

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Traffic, Demographics & Statistics

Who Can Advertise?

Why Advertise?

Disclosure, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Traffic, Demographics & Statistics:

The highest percentage of my audience is in Vietnam (40%), with the United States, U.K, Australia and Canada making up over 30% of my readers:

  • Traffic: 100,000 page views per month (high-season)
  • Location: 40% in Vietnam | 30% in USA, UK, Australia, Canada
  • Age: 55% are 18-35 years | 40% are 35-65 years
  • Gender: 55% are male | 45% are female

*Statistics Source: Google Analytics, March 2024

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Who Can Advertise?

I will consider advertising proposals from any businesses, services and products that are relevant to my audience and the content I produce.

My main subjects are: travel, motorbiking, transportation, dining, drinking, accommodation, outdoor activities, culture and events. Anything that I feel is of value to my readers or will heighten their experience of Vietnam will be considered for advertising.

Examples of advertising on my website include: travel agencies, street food tours, motorbike rental and tours, bars and restaurants, hotels and resorts, visa services, English language schools, real estate agencies, events and more.

If you think your business, service or product is relevant to my audience, send me an email with a brief description and why you’d like to advertise on Vietnam Coracle:

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Why Advertise?

Stability, Growth & ReputationVietnam Coracle has a reputation as the best independent online travel resource for Vietnam. My website has been running successfully for a decade and has received millions of visitors and page views. I’m passionate about my website and I’m going to keep producing great content week after week.

Engagement & Targeted Audience: Because I only select and approve advertising from companies and businesses that provide products or services relevant to my content, my audience is highly likely to engage with your advertisement. What’s more, your advertisement will be shown within the content that is most relevant to your product.

Large Banner Sizes & Prominent PlacementAll advertising banners on my website are big and highly visible. I’m open with my audience about advertising and I want my readers to use the products and services that I choose to advertise. I’m not trying to hide or disguise the banners that my site carries. That is why all the banners on my website are very large and prominent.

Diverse AudienceThe readership of my website is large and diverse. Your advertisement will be seen by travellers and expatriates currently in Vietnam, but also by an overseas audience intending to travel or move to Vietnam in the near future. My website is also read by Vietnamese, including the diaspora of Vietnamese living abroad.

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Disclosure, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy:

As parts of my Disclosure and Disclaimer statements may affect advertisers on Vietnam Coracle, you can read them here. To view my Privacy Policy click here.

*Please note: Advertising on Vietnam Coracle is non-negotiable: all information, conditions and policies are as stated on my Advertising Pages and there will be no exceptions.

If you have any further questions, email me at:

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Tomas says:
    January 28, 2018 at 12:52 PM

    Hi Tom, I am Tomas.

    Awesome blog that you have. I wandered around Vietnam on a Motobike for several years, never occurred to write a blog for me. Congrats on utilizing your leisure to earn you money!

    I am the first to launch hot air balloon rides in Vietnam, in Mui Ne. Having in mind that this location does not have too many attractions, I wonder if this is something noteworthy for your blog. I am receiving multiple requests from bloggers for barter, claiming they have 11,000-50,000 followers. Your blog seams to be best of them.

    I was thinking: if we order ads on your web page (it’s more for visibility than anything else; I so understand your target audience is Vietnam – wide, and our attraction is just for people visiting Mui Ne), would you also be interested to write about us?

    Please let me know how this works.

    With best regards,

    1. Tom says:
      January 29, 2018 at 2:14 AM

      Hi Tomas,

      Thanks for your message.

      Hot air balloon rides sounds very exciting.

      I don’t write sponsored reviews or guides of any kind, but I do offer advertising space to companies or services which I like, respect or think my readers will be interested in, as outlined in the Media Kit on this page.

      I have sent you an email with more details.