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This privacy policy was last updated July 2016

This page is where I disclose to you, my readers, if, how, and why I gather and/or use your personal information. This page is intended to make you feel safe and secure whenever you visit Vietnam Coracle. It’s rather boring but it’s necessary; I’m required to do so by law and, of course, I care about the privacy of my readers. So here goes:

Firstly, you should understand that, by using this blog, you consent to this privacy policy. Secondly, this policy is subject to change from time to time, so in order to remain up to date on its content, you should check it again every now and then (see the top of this page for time of latest update).

Personal Information:

Do I gather, use, or share my readers’ personal information? The easy answer is that I do not. The only instances where I directly ask and acquire a reader’s personal information is when you choose to subscribe to my blog via email notifications, or when you choose to leave a comment on one of my posts or pages. In both instances, you are explicitly consenting to share that information with me. And, in turn, I will only use your personal information (in this case, your email address) for the purpose it was intended: I will not share it will third parties, and I will not spam your inbox. If you are not happy with being on my email subscriber list then you may unsubscribe here. If, for some reason, I ever wanted or needed to use a reader’s personal email address for something other than it was intended, I would only ever do so after explicitly asking and receiving your permission.


Although the only personal information I directly gather from my readers is their email address (should they decide to subscribe or leave a comment), some of the components of my blog use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that store information about your browsing history. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can disable them in your browser settings. However, as most sites use cookies, you are unlikely to be able to access many websites, including mine. The bottom line is, unless you are ultra-paranoid, there’s not much to be scared of from cookies on this blog. For example, my blog is powered by WordPress, which uses cookies for all logged-in members and any commenters on my blog. Social media and share buttons on my site use cookies, like Facebook, for example. Google Analytics, which I use to assess the performance of this blog, also uses cookies, and so do my affiliate links, such as Agoda.


As a blog, all my posts and pages are open to comments from any of my readers. I personally monitor all comments on my site. Any comments that I consider unfit for public viewing – rude, intrusive, inflammatory, personally offensive, unhelpful or simply inaccurate – will be removed.

Links to Other Websites:

My blog includes links to other sites. These range from links within a post (for example, to a hotel I recommend, a good cafe, or a restaurant) to my list of External Resources, Useful Links & Approved Ads, and my Agoda affiliate links. If and when you leave Vietnam Coracle via one of these links, you will be subject to the privacy policy of that website, not mine. Always check the privacy policy of each new site you visit.

Republished Articles:

Some of my content is republished on other sites (either with or without my permission and knowledge). When this happens, I am no longer responsible for the content as shown on that website, even if its original source is Vietnam Coracle.

Having read this policy, I hope you feel that your privacy is safe and secure whenever reading, browsing, or interacting with Vietnam Coracle. For more information, take a look at my Disclosure and Disclaimer statements here. If you have any further questions, email me at [email protected]

Thanks for continuing to read Vietnam Coracle, and thanks for your patience in going through this privacy policy.


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