Hoi An Food Guide

Hoi An Food Guide

Exploring the rich food scene of a central Vietnamese culinary hub…

Ode to Hammock Cafes in Vietnam: Cà Phê Võng

Cà Phê Võng: Ode to Hammock Cafes

Places to rest, drink, sleep, eat & take shelter when on the road, hammock cafes are a valuable resource for long-distance travellers in Vietnam…

Edible flowers in Vietnamese Cuisine

Edible Flowers in Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine utilizes edible flowers in myriad ways. Flowers are healthy and aromatic, adding colour, flavour and texture to many dishes…

Quy Nhon Food Guide

Quy Nhon Food Guide

An up-and-coming beach city on the south-central coast, Quy Nhon has a vibrant dining scene, featuring fresh seafood & a host of local specialities…

Fresh herbs & spices in Vietnamese Food

Fresh Herbs & Spices in Vietnamese Food

A gardener & home cook walks you through the most commonly used fresh herbs & spices that are fundamental to Vietnamese cuisine & culture…

Huế Food Guide

Hue Food Guide

Explore the famous ‘royal cuisine’ of Vietnam’s former imperial capital with this extensive Huế food guide, featuring 16 Huế dishes & dozens of specific location recommendations…

Eating in Văn Thánh Market, Bình Thạnh District, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

Văn Thánh Market Food Guide | Sài Gòn

Every Saigon neighbourhood has a local fresh produce market. Mine is Văn Thánh, where there are dozens of good, inexpensive street food vendors, cafes & juice stalls…

Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam: All 8 Episodes Reviewed

Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam: Retrospective & Review

Anthony Bourdain felt a special attachment to Vietnam. Over the course of his TV career, he filmed multiple episodes in the country. I’ve pulled together & reviewed all 8 of his Vietnam shows…

Sustainable Travel: Single-Use Plastic in Vietnam

Sustainable Travel: Single-Use Plastic in Vietnam

By making some simple changes to way I travel & live in Vietnam, I’m trying to reduce the amount of single-use plastic I consume. Here’s my experience….

The Vietnam Coracle Map

The Vietnam Coracle Map

An interactive map of Vietnam with all my guides, posts, articles, reviews, and videos marked on it, including direct links from the map to all my content. The Vietnam Coracle Map will help readers navigate the content on my website, in order to get to the information they are looking for….

Slurping your noodles is good in Vietnam

6 Reasons to Slurp Your Noodles

Slurp and suck: this should be every traveller’s primary objective when sitting down to enjoy a bowl of one of Vietnam’s famous noodle soups. Here is my guide to why you should embrace local etiquette and leave your preconceived table manners at home….

The People's Food: Common Rice Eateries

The People’s Food: Local Rice Eateries

There’s at least one quán cơm bình dân (common rice eatery) on every urban street in Vietnam. Offering dozens of typical, home-cooked dishes at affordable prices, these eateries feed the nation. It doesn’t get more local than this…

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