The Lunch Lady’s Menu: An Illustrated Guide

First published June 2014 | Words and photos by Vietnam Coracle

The Lunch Lady is Saigon’s most famous street food vendor. In addition to the quality of her food, her fame derives from her ‘rotating’ menu: she serves a different soup every day of the week. Below I’ve put together an illustrated guide to The Lunch Lady’s weekly menu. Feast your eyes on the images, find a soup you like the look of, learn the name in Vietnamese, check what day of the week it’s served, and pay a visit to the Lunch Lady’s stall to try it for yourself [MAP]. For more about The Lunch Lady take a look at my Lunch Lady Diary. (Note: the Lunch Lady may change the rotation of dishes and on some days there may be more than one soup available).

Click to see what’s on the menu: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday



Soup of the day: Bún Thái

A Vietnamese take on a classic Thai dish, this soup is full of colour and packed with ‘goodies’: beef, shrimp, squid, fish balls….read more

Monday is bún Thái
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Soup of the day: bún Mọc

Of northern origin, this soup has a pale palette of whites and grays, punctuated by the bronze of roasted shallots. A pork and mushroom based broth with a surprisingly deep and dark flavour….read more

Tuesday is bún mọc

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Soup of the day: cà ri gà

A Vietnamese chicken curry, this dish is heavy with coconut milk, spices and ‘chunky bits’, such as potato, chicken legs, sweet potato….read more

Wednesday is cà ri gà

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Soup of the day: bún mắm

Striking and beautiful just to look at, let alone taste, this soup is a pungent, fish based broth with earthy undertones from long-cooked aubergine (eggplant)….read more

Thursday is bún mắm

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Soup of the day: bún bò Huế

A famous dish from the old imperial capital of Huế in Central Vietnam, this is an aromatic beef soup with a spicy kick and plenty of lemongrass….read more

Friday is bún bò Huế

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Soup of the day: bánh canh cua

A deep, fishy aroma, thick noodles, and generous amounts of crab meat make this one of Vietnam’s richest soups. Potent, colourful and filling this is a luxuriant broth….read more

Saturday is bánh canh cua

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Soup of the day: bún riêu

A tomato and crab based broth popular throughout Vietnam, this soup is loaded with ‘good stuff’: pork slices, fish balls, tofu, crab, snails, tomatoes, and slices of cinnamon flavoured chả (a kind of meat loaf)….read more

Sunday is bún riêu

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